Heat Pump Installation Repairs Maintenance in Wellington NZ

Got a problem with your water heater? Heat pumps acting up? Or are you looking to get a heat pump installed in your home? If you’re looking for heat pump servicing in Wellington why not give us a call and we’ll have one of expert heat pump technicians at your door in no time.

Are you tired of the same cold and boring winter year in year out? Do you desire of a way in which you can warm your house during the cold season and effectively cool it on summer without replacing your equipment? If these are your desires, then our heat pumps installation skills are what you need. With years of experience in this niche, we have come to understand the New Zealand weather in depth and we have the practical skills needed to help you make the right decision at all times.

With our team of fully trained experts, we can provide complete versatile services that span from design to the actual commission of all types of Wellington heat pump related projects. With our sizable team and state of the art tools, we can provide adequate solutions to new buildings, old buildings that are renovating, homes and commercial buildings without breaking stride in time to delivery or the quality of work done.

Since we understand that it is your property and you play a central role in choosing the right heating system, we will tailor everything around your dream or advice you to switch to something more effective – but we will never force it on you. Our ability to break down all the technical jargon into facts you can understand has made us a both reliable and respected heat pumps Wellington service. Call us today on 04 831 0753 and give us a chance to keep your heat pump systems up to date. We also offer equally affordable and quality emergency plumbing services across Wellington and nearby area. Get in touch today and live to discover the true meaning of ‘effective.’

A hot shower in the morning or a bath in the evening is one life’s essential pleasures. We believe it is important to have your heat pumps serviced regularly (at least once a year). Even newly installed heat pumps can have problems. We’ve years of experience in fitting, repairing and maintaining both electric heat pumps and instantaneous hot water units. Are you considering installing a solar water heater or geothermal water heat pumps? Different homes have different needs. We can help advise on the best hot water heating system for your home, helping you reduce your energy bill and thereby helping the environment.

Call us for an immediate consultation on the best way to heat your water on 04 831 0753

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